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Learn the easier way to drive

If you are worrying about learning to drive and feel stressed at the thought of changing gears or which gear you should be in, an automatic car could be the answer. Learning to drive in an automatic car takes away all the worries leaving you calm and free to learn the essential skills needed to be a safe and confident driver.


Visit us for driving lessons if you live in or around Liverpool. We also offer driving lessons for physically disabled people.


Our Driving lessons will lead you to being a safe driver for life and thereby help to reduce the cost of your insurance.

Gain the confidence to drive in any condition

After successfully passing your driving test, Malcolm at Apple Driving School in Liverpool will provide you with the required training to enhance your driving skills, to enable you drive under any circumstance.

Don't worry about changing gears

Take driving lessons in an automatic car

For a free quote, call Malcolm today!

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The three recommended modules to enhance your driving skills are:

  • Motorway driving - Learn the procedure of high speed lane changing and safely negotiating entry and exit junctions.

  • Night driving - Learn to drive efficiently at night

  • Pass plus - Designed by DSA for newly qualified drivers, it may also help reduce your insurance premiums

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